Lt. Harold Stalnaker, 358th Fighter Group, 366th Fighter Squadron

Lt. Harold Stalnaker, graduation photo from the Army Air Forces Advanced Flying School, Moore Field, Texas, December 1943 Lt. Harold Stalnaker's unit, the 366th Fighter Squadron Photo postcard sent by Lt. Stalnaker to his sister Virginia and niece Ginnah Harold Stalnaker, probably a high school graduation photo

Born:  10 April, 1923

Died:  23 December, 1944; at age of 21

Hometown:  Spencer, West Virginia

  U.S. Army recruiting poster
Service awards:
Distinguished Flying Cross Air Medal with 13 Oak Leaf Clusters Purple Heart

Find out about the media coverage of Lt. Stalnaker's crash site recovery


(This Flight Roster provided by and compliments to: DOMINIC COPPOLINO)
Capt. J.F. Hackler Bookworm 30 Commanding Officer Capt. L.L. Wilson, Jr. Bookworm 40 Operations Officer Lt. H.L. McClellan Bookworm 50 Asst. Operations Officer Lt. H.J. Smith Bookworm 60 Flight Leader
Lt. J.W. Test Bookworm 61 Asst. Flight Leader Lt. H.L. Hillis   Bookworm 62 Lt. D.E. Keever Bookworm 63 Lt. W.J. Roberson Bookworm 64
Lt. T.T. Kilfoyle Bookworm 65 Lt. D.J. Brunetti Bookworm 66 Lt. S.R. Allard Bookworm 67 Lt. J.C. Hall Bookworm 68
F/O F.H. Horst Bookworm 69 Lt. P.M. Hughes Bookworm 52 Lt. E.R. Given Bookworm70 Flight Leader Lt. C.H. Maehrlein Bookworm 71 Asst. Flight Leader
Capt. A.J. Nemschick Bookworm 72 Lt. R.H. Leety Bookworm 73 Lt. F.G Hannold Bookworm 74 Lt. R.E. Ireland Bookworm 75
Lt. P.E. Williams Bookworm 76 Lt. L.M. Lovell Bookworm 77 Lt. G.M. Graber Bookworm 78 Lt. H.D. Wayham Bookworm 79
Lt. HG.C. Frese, Jr. Bookworm 53 Lt. E.P. Littlejohn Bookworm 80 Flight Leader Lt. H.G. Stalnaker Bookworm 81 Asst. Flight Leader Lt. C.C. McCall Bookworm 82
Lt. J.E. Morris (Jim) Bookworm 83 Lt. A.D. Johnson (Lightning) Bookworm 84 Lt. R.E. Smith (Bob) Bookworm 85 Lt. R.A. Perry Bookworm 86
Lt. D.O. Scherer (Otto) Bookworm 87 Lt. J.T. Hamrick (Jim) Bookworm 88 Lt. J. Weinning, Jr. Bookworm 89 Lt. T.R. Holloran Bookworm 54
Lt. H. Lavin Bookworm90 Flight Leader Lt. R.R. Rice (Bob) Bookworm 91 Asst. Flight Leader Capt T.M. Hergert (Tom) Bookworm 92 Lt. R. Brown   Bookworm 93
Lt. S.A. Manning Bookworm 94 Lt. R. Kirpatrick Bookworm 95 Lt. R.G. Birnie Bookworm 96 Lt. S.J. Stepaneck Bookworm 97
Lt. H.H. Jones (Demon) Bookworm 98 Lt. G.H. Veldboon Bookworm 99 Lt. D.A. Coppolino Bookworm 55 Capt. K.N. Hylan
Lt. D.B. Tuck Lt. F. McCowan    

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